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Product management and sales for tech companies
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    Benchmark your product strategy against Silicon Valley’s best practices

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The Challenge

74% of product companies fail due to premature scaling

Are you spending too much on customer acquisition before product/ market fit? Are you building lots of “nice to have” features? Companies can prematurely scale their team, their customer acquisition strategies or overbuild the product. Oppositely, companies that have consistent development grow about 20 times faster.

Founders are bombarded with contradictory, generic advice

Despite the emergence of popular theories about how product building works, most founders don't know what they should be focusing on. Also, they are regularly bombarded with advice that seems contradictory because the person giving it speaks from their personal experience.

Building sales and marketing operations is not easy

Rarely tech founders have previous experience in building successful product sales or product marketing strategy and operations. Also, scaling is often hindered by companies’ inability to find and attract top sales or marketing experts. The task gets even more complicated when the company needs to expand into foreign markets.

Our Solution

Benchmark your product strategy against the best

We conduct an in-depth analysis that checks if you missed any key milestones in your development as a product company that may prevent you from scaling or lead you to premature failing. To benchmark your product strategy, we use a data-driven methodology from Silicon Valley developed to crack its success code.

Get recommendations tailored to your company type

A successful product strategy depends on the company type, its target market, its customer acquisition strategy and other factors. Our recommendations take these into account and are based on 107 data points divided into 26 company development stages.

Access a marketplace of reputable experts and scale

Regardless if your strategy requires product, marketing or sales expertise, we can help - the Questups marketplace contains pre-selected reputable experts that can lend you a hand in building your sales or marketing operations.

Why Questups?

One Methodology to Rule Them All

We use the Startup Genome methodology to benchmark your product strategy. The Startup Genome is a flexible framework based on an in-depth research about what makes Silicon Valley startups successful.

The methodology has been co-authored by Berkeley & Stanford and includes contributors such as Steve Blank. It is based on data from 3200+ product companies and defines the milestones of development that successful product startups move through.

Learn more about the Startup Genome

“Premature scaling: growing in anticipation of demand instead of demand driven growth.”
Jim Pitkow serial entrepreneur
“Only when a company objectively demonstrates that product-market fit is achieved and a pattern of revenue generation is clearly identified, it makes sense to scale the business model and grow.”
Amir Banifatemi entrepreneur, product strategist and investor
Having been both an entrepreneur and investor I've seen many entrepreneurs try to scale blindly. No one takes venture money to stay a small business and scaling successfully is what separates eventual industry leaders from long-forgotten startups in the deadpool. Far too often though entrepreneurs start scaling before they know what is going to work.”
Michael A. Jackson serial entrepreneur and investor

How it works

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Who are we?

Our team has more than 15 years experience in the business. Get to know the people behind Questups.
Dimitar Karamanchev
CEO and business development

Dimitar has co-founded 2 tech companies with innovation awards. He is the president of Start It Smart - a startup incubator program with more than 500 startups and 300 mentors and investors. He has conducted more than 4000 customer development interviews and has delivered more than 170 trainings.

Mariya Rashkovska
Co-CEO and product management

In the past 15 years Mariya has been working as an independent consultant as well as a product manager and business analyst for companies such as Telerik, Progress and Financial Times. She's the co-founder of the Bulgarian chapter of ProductTank - the biggest community of product managers in the world.