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Lean product management consulting for tech companies

What we do

For tech companies who are not familiar with ways to effectively discover, build and scale successful products with limited resources, Questups is a consulting agency that offers lean product management consulting and training. Unlike traditional consultants, we see through the implementation of our recommendations and provide continuous support.


Tech founders waste time and money in building bad products

Many tech founders waste time and money in building bad products. They are unaware of ways they can use to test demand first and sometimes avoid entrepreneurship entirely because it’s too risky or confusing.


Lean product management training

  • 2-day training covering key concepts and methods necessary to build a successful product from idea to revenue
  • Some of the key topics include: market research, competitive analysis, value proposition, segmentation, pricing, metrics, etc


Reasons for lower than expected growth are not easily identifiable

Companies that have gained some initial traction but experience slowdown or lower than expected growth, often fail to identify the real causes and need to fine-tune their value proposition and product strategy.


Product strategy analysis and design

  • We’ll analyze key business metrics and we’ll interview key members of your team to discover causes of slow or lower than expected growth
  • We’ll produce a report with findings and recommendations on how to close the gaps
  • We’ll conduct a workshop with your team to come up with a new strategy
  • We’ll deliver a 90-day implementation plan and we’ll support its implementation


Before scaling, proper processes need to be implemented

Businesses that are ready to scale need to make the transition from founder-led product discovery into a scalable product department. However, tech founders often do not know how to build an efficient product function or hire a senior product manager to do that.


Product management optimization

  • We’ll define and implement a proper product management process
  • We’ll advise on goal-setting and performance review approach
  • We’ll identify missing skills and offer training or lead the recruitment campaign for key product management roles


Great sales and marketing expertise is hard to find

For companies in growth stage, building successful sales and marketing strategy and operations is key. However, rarely tech founders have such previous experience and scaling is hindered if they cannot find and attract the right sales and marketing experts.


Sales and marketing strategy and implementation

  • We provide sales and marketing strategy and implementation services through our network of partner sales and marketing agencies.
  • Each agency has been categorized by us according to the types of companies, markets and customer acquisition strategies they have experience with.
  • After we complete your product strategy assessment, we’ll match you with the sales or marketing partner that is most suitable for your type of company and target market.

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    Who are we?

    Our team has more than 15 years experience in the business. Get to know the people behind Questups.
    Dimitar Karamanchev
    CEO and business development

    Dimitar has co-founded 2 tech companies with innovation awards. He is the president of Start It Smart - a startup incubator program with more than 500 startups and 300 mentors and investors. He has conducted more than 4000 customer development interviews and has delivered more than 170 trainings.

    Mariya Rashkovska
    Co-CEO and product management

    In the past 15 years Mariya has been working as an independent consultant as well as a product manager and business analyst for companies such as Telerik, Progress and Financial Times. She's the co-founder of the Bulgarian chapter of ProductTank - the biggest community of product managers in the world.