Thank you for your request.

Here are the steps for applying:


  1. Read The 7 Strata of Strategy Guide (16 pages)
  2. Fill out The Worksheet (1 page)
  3. Submit your worksheet in the form bellow


Only teams and companies that are willing to put in the work to prepare for the workshop will be selected and invited.

In a 1-hour workshop, Andy will review the input that teams have provided, and help them to craft better strategies for their companies.

Petra Coach is the best methodology in the world for implementing the Rockefeller Habits, a complete toolkit for how to scale up a company. The tools allow companies to achieve:

  • Number one in chosen market / niche
  • >20% net profit margin
  • >20-50% YOY growth
  • Increase % retained revenue by at least 10-20% / year
  • Founder free to focus on vision (be it personal or for the organisation)

Submit your application in the form before 27th of May: